Weekend Adventure

The week itself went by quickly.  Working always seems to make the week go by fast.  just Last Thursday my husband called me during my lunch. Me: Hi, how is your day? Husband:… Continue reading

Sit with it a while

Last week I had begun putting things together.  Working out how to display things.  I placed pieces, built a few bases, sculpted claycrete.  The week was busy and I had to let things… Continue reading

This weekend has been brought to you by the color red…

This week has been all about production.  Primarily making more felt dahlias.  I had previously had a few dahlias made up and placed on a super cool log that I had found while mushroom… Continue reading

Please stay tuned

I started a temp job on Tuesday last week.  It has been a whirl wind of information.  I forgot how starting a new job can be exhausting.  There is a lot to learn,… Continue reading

Exploring the great indoors

The sun has been shining in the Pacific Northwest.  Instead of playing in the sun I have been piecing together displays for my little knits to live in.  I visit them more often… Continue reading

I sent a package half way around the world…

A few weeks ago I wrote about sending out a few packages. My husband and I watch Nate “Blunty” Burrs reviews of camera gear pretty regularly.  On one occasion he made a video… Continue reading

Adventure in Georgetown

Last week my friend and I went to the Kyoto Art and Antique Sale in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. I try to go to this sale when ever it happens.  We met at… Continue reading

Food with friends

Four months have passed since we moved into our new place.  One thing that I love about our new house is that the layout of the house.  It is about the same size… Continue reading

The element of surprise

If you are familiar with my little blog you know that mailing out gifts is something I like to do.  Today I received this in the mail from Japan!  This is a trade… Continue reading

Some bunny done it

Today I am sitting in my living room, surrounded by the pieces that I made in the last few weeks.  I have much more to do to finish them and a notebook full… Continue reading