This week in knitting…

When I turned 30 I threw myself a birthday BBQ.  Now that I am further into my thirty something I have decided on just enjoying a birthday week.  No more party planning, no bar hopping, no stress.  This year my birthday week has been amazing.  Way better than if I have planned out my big day.  I celebrated my birthday with two glass maestros for a cook out at the glass shop, watched the maestros make beautiful work the next day, followed by a BBQ reception to celebrate the marriage of two of my husband wonderful coworkers later that night.  In between hanging out at the glass shop I whipped this up for the happy couple.


Sunday I was invited to go mushroom hunting with one of my favorite ladies in the woods.  I used to go mushroom hunting when I was younger with my father.  We would look for matsutake.  I didn’t see any matsutake this time but we did find plenty of chanterelles.  I have been experimenting with some fresh ones and drying some for stock at a later time.

Earlier this week I got to go to Erich Woll’s opening at Winston Watcher.  There was beautiful work, inspirational artists, and so many friends!  The art and the people got me thinking about my knitting and the things that people say.

Photo by Russell Johnson

Photo by Russell Johnson

This past week I have also been looking for a job.  I left my job in March and have just started searching for a new one.  That is another story for another time.  This combined with my birthday started me thinking about the animal idiom “get your ducks in a row”.






Ducks in a row


Now what?

So what is next?  Stay tuned for more adventures in knitting.