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Creating Small Worlds

I have been creating small worlds, putting pieces together one by one.  It is a practice in patience.  In my head I know what I am trying to build but the limits of… Continue reading

Just rewards…

One thing that I like to do at work is to make trophies and awards for coworkers.  First off, everyone needs a pat on the back and it is always nice when someone… Continue reading

A place for everything and everything all over the place

Over the weekend I cataloged and boxed many of the animals and work in progress so that I can organize what I have.  I forget that when I clean and organize, I make… Continue reading

Of two minds…

Sorry it has been so long since I have written here.  I forget that life doesn’t stop even you don’t want to. There have been good times with good people, and bad times,… Continue reading

Weekend Adventure

The week itself went by quickly.  Working always seems to make the week go by fast.  just Last Thursday my husband called me during my lunch. Me: Hi, how is your day? Husband:… Continue reading

Sit with it a while

Last week I had begun putting things together.  Working out how to display things.  I placed pieces, built a few bases, sculpted claycrete.  The week was busy and I had to let things… Continue reading

This weekend has been brought to you by the color red…

This week has been all about production.  Primarily making more felt dahlias.  I had previously had a few dahlias made up and placed on a super cool log that I had found while mushroom… Continue reading

Exploring the great indoors

The sun has been shining in the Pacific Northwest.  Instead of playing in the sun I have been piecing together displays for my little knits to live in.  I visit them more often… Continue reading

Some bunny done it

Today I am sitting in my living room, surrounded by the pieces that I made in the last few weeks.  I have much more to do to finish them and a notebook full… Continue reading

Losing track of time…

Sometimes I get so caught up in making things that I rarely leave the house.  It is a luxury that I get to stay at home, spending hours making things and listening to… Continue reading