Losing track of time…

Sometimes I get so caught up in making things that I rarely leave the house.  It is a luxury that I get to stay at home, spending hours making things and listening to 24 Hours of This American Life while drinking coffee.

I have been neglecting my little blog, but it is because I have been knitting and making things like crazy. Little strings of yarn are scattered around the house like confetti. Most of the open surfaces of the house and studio are covered with pieces from this project and that idea.  My last few post were about making things and creating a space for ideas, and it worked!  I have been on a making binge for the last few weeks.  Here is a peak of what I have been working on.

Knit tree stumps

Tree stumps in the works

It started with just finishing up a few tree stumps that I needed to stitching together and make tops for.

Knitted tree stumps

Finished tree stumps

Before I have even finished the stumps I had decided that these little stumps needed some company.

Knitting bunnies

Just a few bunnies

Of course a few bunnies turned into more bunnies.

Knit bunnies

Caution, bunnies may multiply