Exploring the great indoors

The sun has been shining in the Pacific Northwest.  Instead of playing in the sun I have been piecing together displays for my little knits to live in.  I visit them more often now that they all live in my studio, waiting for the day when they will have a permanent place to call home.

Felt flowers & knit bees

Making a house a home

Most of the time I have a vision of how a piece will be finished.  I understand the feeling that I want to express and see in my mind how the different components can go together.  As I knit and create pieces for the central idea, my mental collection of thoughts and ideas around the knit piece all start to come together and the piece moves forward.  Of course projects all come with multiple stopping points, waiting to find more supplies, needing to sit with a piece for a while before changing it or moving forward, losing motivation or patience with some small aspect of the process.  Mostly, it is life that gets in the way. 

Red Panda

Exploring the great indoors

The display boxes that I picked up a few weeks ago have been a huge part of taking a few pieces closer to the finishing line.  My dining table is covered with claycrete, felt, sticks, moss and pinecones.  On walks (or adventures as I call them) with my husband I often pick up sticks, seed pods or anything else that I can find that I think could be used in a project that I am working on, or may work on.  The pockets of my purse often contain things that nature has dropped.

In other news, I got two amazing prints in the mail from Enfu!  If you are reading this little blog of mine, go check out his work.  He is a talented artist, a kind person and dedicated father.  I have been collecting his work over the years and watching him in admiration.  Receiving these is just another reminder that it is the small moments of happiness that define the larger picture of being happy.


Beautiful Enfu prints!!