This weekend has been brought to you by the color red…

This week has been all about production.  Primarily making more felt dahlias.  I had previously had a few dahlias made up and placed on a super cool log that I had found while mushroom hunting last fall.  Unfortunately, while I was letting the piece sit, the little critters that were sleeping in the log woke up.  I was inspecting it the other day and noticed the little bugs walking around the flowers that I had made.

Color Blocking

Color blocking

This week I have been redesigning the final piece, making flowers and letting the bugs out so that they can live a more productive life in the great outdoors.  I also got out side this weekend to enjoy a little sun.  I spent a good chunk of my Saturday picking pie cherries and snacking on golden raspberries and service berries at my friends urban homestead.

I am still trying to get used to my new schedule.  Time management is going to be key.  It is amazing to think that in my previous position I was working 50 – 70 hours a week and still making things after work.  How did I do it?  Starting something new is always hard in the beginning.  It takes time and patience to figure things out.  Besides, I don’t have all day to make things every week.  (that last part was a reminder for myself).

Other than that life is good.  The weather is warming up and I have a ton of ideas filling up my notebook.