When pigs fly…

I am pretty good at coming up with ideas.  I do a good job of starting a project, but completing the project…  ha! When pigs fly I will have a finished piece.  So I have decided that I am going to finish as many of the almost finished projects as I can before the end of the year.  Going into this I know that this is going to be difficult with the holiday season proceeding the end of the year.


Completing a project can be so harder for me than starting one.  In the beginning I am excited and something new, something different.  It is like when you first become interested in someone.  There is excitement and butterflies, possibilities and risk.  At the start my artistic process seems romantic.  Prepping for my new project.  Making sure that I have everything that I need.  Pulling out my No. 2 needles and the perfect ball of yarn for the occasion.  But then as the project continues and life keeps interrupting my magical creative time, I start to lose my momentum.


My great idea is starting to get a bit tiring.  It isn’t quite as amazing as it was last week, last month or in some cases last year.  Yup, there are things that are sitting in boxes about 90 percent done but when I look at them it is like after being in a long relationship with someone and knowing that you need to reconnect with what drew you to the person but it looks like too much work.  They are too far away, I don’t have enough time, I have to redo all the stitches in this one place, I dislike stitching legs on, (feel free to insert your own excuse).  Well after looking at all my nearly finished projects sitting in boxes all over my house it is time to complete them the way I imagined they would be completed.


Yes, pigs can fly.  They can even fly in formation!  I am going to think about this as starting a project to complete my almost finished projects.  At least I am going to try.  I know that life will keep asking me to do other things and that I will become interested in new projects and inspired to make something else but that is fine.  At least being unemployed is never boring.  I know this because I never have enough time, even though I don’t currently have a job (but currently looking for something).

100_3584 100_3599

Well until then I have plenty to do.  Off to my new/old projects!  I will keep you posted on how this goes…

Happy weekend!!