It is that time of the year again.  It is Movember!  Movember stands to change the face of men’s health.  In the month of November you may notice men with moustaches.  The idea is for men to grow a moustache for 30 days and for the ladies to support the cause and those growing those moustaches.  It is hard work to grow a moustache.  The moustache is like the ribboon for the cause.  These hairy lips help generate awareness and conversations around the issue of men’s health.


Knitted Fingerstache

Since I cannot grow a substantial moustache, I have been knitting them.  As a registered Mo Sister I have knit up fingerstaches and moustaches on a stick.  For a donation of $20, I will send you one, or two.  Im using my knitting this month to raise awareness and funds for Movember.  Here are the links for the Fingerstache and the Moustache on a stick.  Such talented knitters!

Moustache on a stick

Moustache on a stick

Ten years ago I lost my father to cancer.  He wore a moustache.  I look a lot more like him when I wear one too.  I would give my eye sight to spend one more day with him.  Learning how to live without someone important in your life is hard.  No one can ever be what that person was to you.  That is why my motivation for Movember is to keep the men in my life a little bit longer.

Both these videos made me happy today.  I love Nick Offerman.  He is a wonderful actor and a very skilled woodworker.  Seriously, check out his work,

So check out Movember or check out my page.  Get involved if you have a man in your life.  I am off to knit moustaches!