Sometimes bad news isn’t bad news

As some of you know I have been preparing to move.  Earlier last month our landlord called to schedule the installation of a carbon monoxide detector and brought a surprise, her real estate agent.  It was then that we learned that our landlords were going to sell the house.  We were asked if they could take pictures while they were there.  I was caught by surprise, but my husband was also home and was not about to let them just take photos of all our belongings and post them all over the internet.  Side note: my husband is a Bostonian who is vocal about what he thinks.  I on the other hand am Japanese American, Seattlite that doesn’t like to rock the boat.  Thank goodness for him.  Instead he told her he would take the pictures of the house for a fee.  He negotiated $150 for the shoot and processing of the photos.  Two days later the neighbors saw the new sign and his pictures of our house and was hired by the neighbors to shot their house for $150 as well.

Living room

Photo Credit Ian Lewis

Melvin Van Pebbles once said, “Misfortune is just opportunity in work clothes.”  I forget this saying all the time when dealing with my own problems.  But this week I was again reminded of this.  After being forgotten by rental agents regarding houses we wanted to view I was beginning to get discouraged and a little frantic.  Last weekend we spent hours going to rental open houses.  Side note:  December is a horrible time to go looking for a place to live.  We went to many places that were too small for our furniture and belongings.  Finally the last place that we went to was perfect.  As I was walking through the house my husband was being perfectly honest with the agent about our immediate need to move.  He came and found me with an application in hand.  “It is first come, first serve.” he whispered.  As we walked out he called back, “We are going to fill this out right now.  How long will you be showing the house?”  I will be here for another 30 minutes.”  she answered.  We rushed to the can and began to fill out the application.  One good thing about renting from the same people for the last 8 years is that you know all the rental information.  We filled out the application in the car and rushed it back into her.  She looked it over and told us that we would know that Monday if we had the house.  All day Monday I packed boxes, did laundry and cleaned house.  With intermittent calls from agencies doing credit and criminal checks to confirm social security numbers and name spelling.  At 5:30 pm I got the call.  WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!

It has been hard not knowing where we were going to live next month.  We are going to live in a house with two bedrooms, a basement and a garage!!  I am sooo happy!  It is a huge relief to have a place to live.  I am grateful that what felt like a bad situation has turned into a better opportunity for my husband and me.  Not all bad news is bad.  Like Melvin said, “misfortune is just an opportunity in work clothes.”

I apologize for the lack of photos but my camera is hiding somewhere behind some boxes somewhere.  Also my apologies for the lack of posts, I will try to post more often when I get more things boxed up.