I can do amazing things if I don’t doubt myself

It is a grey, windy, rainy day here in Seattle.  These are the kind of days that makes me so happy to be a knitter.  A hot cup of coffee, an idea and a skien on yarn is the perfect combination for a day like this.  Throw on a good documentary and I might be able to sit on the couch for over an hour.


Perfect weather for coffee

But today I am going to get working on a project that I have been putting off for almost a year, mold making.

Usually when I get a project in my head I start making list and begin working on it within a week.  The lack of materials is usually what stops me from going full steam ahead but not for long.  What is stopping me from this project is fear and self-doubt.  I had good results when I tried making a mold before but self-doubt is my kryptonite.  It stops me from doing the things that I know that I can do.  It scares me from trying the things that I want to do.  Grrrr…  Self-doubt is something that I struggle with.  I know that we all do.  I can hear it when I talk with people about jobs that I think I am not qualified for, I think about it when I look back at the things I never tried, it stops me from doing things that I want to try.


Today I am going to try!  I am going to head out to the art store to buy the mold making materials.  I am going to clear out a space to work.  I am going to try this.  It may not work, it may be frustrating.  In my head I can hear the little voice that has stopped me so many times.

“What happens if if doesn’t work?”  I will have learned something.
“What if you do it wrong?” I will ask for help.
“What if you can’t do it?”  I will find some one that can.

Today I am going to try something that scares me.