Adventure in Georgetown

Last week my friend and I went to the Kyoto Art and Antique Sale in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

Kyoto Art and Antiques

Kyoto Art and Antiques

I try to go to this sale when ever it happens.  We met at 10 am and drove off to pick up an americano each at Herkimer Coffee to fuel our adventure.  We went in search for display boxes for me and a Cha Dansu (a tea tansu) for my friend.  I am a big fan of Japanese furniture.  A long time ago I worked for a while in a Japanese antique shop.  I often found myself spending some of my paycheck on furniture or pottery.  I never made that much money there obviously but at lease I still have the furniture.

Presentation Boxes

A small selection of items

After an hour there searching, deliberating and shopping we left victorious!  I found the display boxes that I failed to pick up last time I was there, and my friend found the cha dansu that he wanted.  With our treasures loaded in the back of his truck we headed back home.

Red Pandas

Preparing display boxes with red pandas

I have cleaned the display boxes that I purchased and am working on removing the yellow/orange velour on the bases and have a few hundred ideas for what I want to do with them.  I have been working on trying to knit little red pandas.  They came out pretty well.  It took at least eight tries to figure them out but I think that I am happy with them.  Now I am off to pick up crafting supplies.  

For the moms out there Happy Mother’s Day!

Red Pandas

Lil Red/Orange Pandas