Heads and tails

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails

I am a collector of craft materials.  I will pick out paper and cardboard from a recycling bin while on a walk.  I take home binder clips and old glue sticks from work when they are going to be thrown out.  I do not throw out boxes when I receive gifts.  I always buy little things from stores that I think I may use in a project.  Although this can be a good thing because I usually have something that will work to complete a project or gift, there is never enough space in my little house to store everything.  So I make things with it.


This weekend I spent half my time moving around furniture and shelving to rearrange my living room and the other half spent knitting and cutting up cardboard.  Changing around the living room was really a reaction to tripping over three electrical cords that cross the middle of the floor.  I am sure that there was an easier way to move the cords but changing orientation can be fun and besides, moving furniture around in your house is cheaper than moving.  While redesigning the living room I discovered that I had stashed away cardboard like a chipmunk.  Not boxes but pieces of cardboard.

So I did what I usually do.  I find a stopping point with one project and begin with another.  Now that the deer head and tail are finished I better try to finish putting my living room back together.