Thank you cards

These are some thank you cards that I have been working on.  I love mailing things out to friends.  Over the last few years I have been mailing out surprise packages.  Usually little knit gifts that I make for friends or things that I find that I think that people will like.  Who doesn’t like getting an unexpected gift in the mail?


These little hearts are designed by Anna Hrachovec, one of my knitting heros.  She is the creator of mochimochi land.  I have been buying and admiring her knitting for a few years.  Using this pattern that I found on her site I made up some thank you cards.  She has a lot of wonderful patterns and the cutest pictures of her knitting.  I hope that I get a change to see her work in person the next time she is showing in Seattle.


These little hearts can be used for so many things.  I love the way that these turned out.  I cut up scrapbooking paper for cards that I found at Daiso (the japnese dollar store). An amazing place for cute, random craft supplies.  I go here more than any other craft supply store.  The little envelopes are from Packaging Specialties.  I would encourage you to go into the store if you like some of the things on their website.  The have so much more in their shop than they have on their online shop.  Packaging ideas for days!


Message in a bottle

My husband the glass blower made me this pretty bottle for this.  I live in Seattle, I drink coffee, I knit and I am married to a glass blower.  Reading that makes me laugh a little.  I know a lot of people in Seattle that can describe them selves like that.