My cure for knitters block

Hansi Singh is one of my favorite knitters.  I have her book Amigurumi Knits.  I love it.  I have learned so many techniques and ways to shape my animals from knitting her creations.  When ever I get knitters block I pull out her book and begin a new project.

Under the sea

Under the sea in a box

Here is the octopus that made using her pattern and making up a few of my own for the background.  I have had knitters block for the las week and was beginning to get a little fidgety without anything on my needles.


I put another one in a bottle as a specimen. Maybe this will help the creative juices flowing.    I did just get back from a wonderful wedding in Maui so I guess I can’t really feel too sorry for myself.  This is what my morning looked like while drinking Kona coffee


Cuppa Kona

Cuppa Kona

I made sure to pick up some coffee from the big island for my mornings back in Seattle.  When I unpack I will take some more pictures and I will show you guys what I made for wedding gifts now that the weddings are over and the gifts have been given.