My morning coffee

I am a Seattleite, born and raised.  I love overcast 55 degree weather with a side of rain.  I also love a good cup of coffee and of course knitting.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

I love how here in Seattle you can have your favorite place to get a cup of coffee but you can also have your favorite coffee roaster.  I know that coffee thing is cliche´ but it is hard to ignore when you have so many choices for good coffee.

Funny enough I don’t own a traditional coffee pot.  Maybe it is better that I can’t make 10 cups of coffee daily.  I do however own a Bialetti Musa stove top espresso maker.

Bialetti Musa stove top espresso maker

Bialetti Musa stove top espresso maker

My morning routine consists of walking strait to the kitchen where I start with coffee.  While my water is boiling I grind the beans from my coffee. While my Musa is on the stove I wash the remaining dishes from the night before.  I like a clean kitchen sink and my hands in hot water in the morning.  I take my coffee with a little half and half or black depending on how I am feeling that morning.  Then I sit on my porch, look out over the city and drink coffee.  I do this year round, no matter what the weather.

This morning after making my morning coffee (there is also an afternoon coffee time and evening coffee as well), I noticed that I was running low on beans.  I usually go to different roasters while I am running errands and search out a new beans.  Side note: Daily grind refers to the hand mill that people used to use to grind their grain “daily” if they didn’t have milled flour.  And we are back…  Today I went to Milstead & Co for my beans.  I love going to this place.  It is a minimalist coffee shop with a passion for making great coffee.  They always have coffee by great roasters and are knowledgeable about the kinds of coffee and the taste.  So today I choose a Yirga Cheffe with a cappuccino on the side.

Yirga Cheffe

Coffee at Milstead & Co.

After writing all that I think that I was procrastinating on a project.  Time to buckle down and get to work.