Some advice is good.  Some advice is bad.  Sometimes you have to pay for advice.  Often advice is unsolicited, but often advice is free.

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You are never as alone as you feel

Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend to catch up.  We talked about relationships, the changes in our lives, and the day to day struggles of life.  Until yesterday I didn’t realize that although I have been walking around the new neighborhood and exploring little shops that I had been doing this alone.  I haven’t really hung out with anyone outside my house or with many people since we moved.


We talked a lot about work.  He recently changed jobs for a career that will give him the time that he can put into his home and social life.  I also want that.  Not just a job but a career.  I told him about a job that I have just applied to.  It was a company that he was familiar with.  In fact he had applied there last fall.  His advice to me was, “You should go in there today.  Meeting someone face-to-face is better than just a resume.  My advice to you is to drop by and introduce yourself.”  We finished up lunch and walked back to my house talking the whole way back about this and that.  After he had gone I walked around the house picking up and cleaning a little.  I really needed to take his advice.  So I unpacked our printer and printed up my cover letter and resume that I had emailed to the company, brushed my teeth and grabbed my jacket.  I was going to drop by and introduce myself.  I was able to meet the person in charge of HR.  She asked if I had time to chat.  We went over my resume, she had not gotten my cover letter in the email.  We talked a bit and I was able to explain a gap in my employment and reason for leaving my last job.  At the end I was told about an office assistant position that was opening as well as the bookkeeping position and she scheduled a interview for both positions later this week.

People often give advice to others free of charge.  Sometimes we take the advice but more often than not we pass on it.  I am glad that I took it.

What good advice have you been given?