Knitting what is on my mind

Now that things are feeling a bit more settled and we are more or less moved in to our new house, I want to try to post more regularly.  I have been trying to carve out a little studio space where I can create new work, store all my craft supplies and take photos.  In our last house I kept all my projects and craft supplies tucked away in boxes and baskets because we didn’t have enough room.  I am hoping that in a few more months that I will be able to find a way to create a little space for my creativity.

Meredith Ida

Knitting what is on my mind

I am better at knitting what is on my mind than talking about it.  My hands know the vocabulary of increases and decreases.  My hands can guide the yarn and needles to create what my imagination sees.  Knitting comes naturally. I started this blog as a way to practice writing about what I make.  Last year I began to ask myself why I make my knitted pieces, where my inspiration comes from and how do I talk to people about what I make.  I never went to an arts school.  I don’t know the vocabulary of the art world and I don’t self promote very well.  So I decided to start this blog to help me think out loud about what I create and why I do it.

This year I would like to make this a regular practice.  I don’t believe that practice makes perfect but I do think that practice makes better.  I hope to get better at writing and talking about what I make.

What is something that you are going practice this year?