Could be better, could be worse

I have a lot of personal philosophies.  Today I would like to share one with you…

We all encounter bad days.  Some are worse than others.  Everyone that we interact with has in them some sadness in them.  Some people are better at masking it with smiles, by keeping busy, or by just keeping it hidden from the world.  Others wear their heart on their sleeve.  Sadness isn’t something that we can all see but it is something that we all have felt.  So when I talk with anyone I try keep in mind that we all carry some sadness within us.  


We all don’t have to act like we are living in the happiest moment of our lives but it helps if we treat people with the type of kindness that we need on the more difficult days in ours.  This is because we never know what kind of sadness people are carrying.  So instead of complaining about how hard it is to be us, maybe say a kind word to someone, open a door, smile.  The Golden Rule says, “Treat people the way that you want to be treated.”  I would add, because you don’t know what kind of sadness they are carrying.


So next time you encounter someone be kind, be thoughtful, be courteous, you never know what they are going thru.